Sunlight Detergent Powder - 500 gm with free domex toilet cleaner


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Description –

  • Use Sunlight detergent in every laundry wash, for superior cleaning and brighter clothes.
  • New and improved Sunlight detergent powder 120 g now removes all dirt and stains, while keeping your clothes bright.
  • Also The colour guard technology in Sunlight detergent will keep your clothes looking like new, even after 40 washe.
  • Your Sunlight detergent powder keeps your coloured clothes bright and colourful, adding that splash of life to your wardrobe.
  • For annoying stains, soak the garment in a concentrated solution of Sunlight detergent powder and wash as usual.
  • In addition New and improved Sunlight for superior cleaning and brighter clothes.

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500 gm


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