Sugar (চিনি) - 1 kg


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  • Sugar is a generalized name for sweet. Sugar is made from Sugarcane, the grains are light cream-coloured.
  • This is made from high-class sugarcane and is purified under a firm process to produce organic manure, organic sugar cane like dung or compost is used.
  • These sugar crystals dissolve easily. They are perfect for creating sweet dishes such as mithais, laddoos, jalebis, and halwas.
  • You can also use sugar to make drinks such as shikanjis, lassis, and juices.
  • This product is uniformly crystallized and blends well with all other food ingredients and makes your sweet dish tastier. It is free of synthetic chemicals and pesticides.

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1 kg


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Sugar (চিনি) – 1 kg

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