Nali / Noli Papad


Description –

  • Papad is often referred to as a thin crispy wafer-like dish and is served with khichdi – a traditional Indian dish.
  • These round wafers, also known as pappadums, consist of mouth-watering black pepper and urad flour.
  • They are rolled paper-thin and dried out in the sun. Quick and easy to prepare appetizers or snacks! Serve with chutney, or as an accompaniment to your main dish, It is a thin wafer-like product, circular in shape, rolled from dough made out of pulses flour, with added spices.
  • It can be consumed raw also and you may roast it in the oven also.

Quantity – 1

Size / Weight

100 gm, 50 gm


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Nali / Noli Papad
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