Harpic Bathroom Cleaner (Lemon) - 500 ml


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  • Harpic Bathroom Cleaner is a strong bathroom disinfectant and cleaning liquid that helps remove the toughest of stains.
  • It gives you an unbeatable cleaning on greasy soil and particulate matter and the freshest Harpic freshness for the whole bathroom.
  • It has a thick liquid formula with powerful cleaning agents that lift and remove tough stains from almost all bathroom surfaces and kills 99.9% of germs to give you a disinfected and germ-safe bathroom.
  • Harpic Bathroom Cleaner can be used as a tile cleaner, basin cleaner or even for floor cleaning in the bathroom area.
  • It also gives your bathroom a pleasant fresh fragrance that is available in two variants – Lemon or floral. Harpic Bathroom Cleaner is safe to be used on most bathroom surfaces including Tiles, Taps, Tubs & Shower panels, Ceramic surfaces, Stainless steel and Granite Surfaces
  • . Do not use it on Aluminium, Brass and Copper.
  • Always spot check on a small, hidden area before using. Suitable for most bathroom surfaces.
  • Always spot check on a small, hidden area before using.



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Harpic Bathroom Cleaner (Lemon) – 500 ml

1 in stock

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