Gits Snack Mix Dhoka - 100 gm



  • Dhoka is a popular snack in the Eastern regions of India. The crispy and golden-brown textured snack is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings from the first bite.
  • The Gits Instant Dhoka Snack Mix is an amazing choice for making this delicious snack from the comfort of your home. Gits Instant Dhoka Mix is 100% vegetarian, preservative-free, and free from artificial colours and flavour.
  • One packet can make up to 12 pieces of Dhoka, making it an ideal teatime snack with family and friends for any occasion.
  • Gits has been leading the instant mix market for over fifty years and touching the lives of Indians across the world with its wide range of products.

Benefits –

  • Authentic Dhoka snack recipe
  • It’s easy to make Dhoka snack mix in just 3 simple steps, which makes 12 per pack
  • No preservatives, artificial flavours or colours
  • Safe and hygienic packaging

Quantity – 1


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Gits Snack Mix Dhoka – 100 gm

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