Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream - 40 gm


Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream – 40 gm


Description –

  • This Ayurvedic cream is an ayurvedic antiseptic cream that heals your skin from inside and it works the best overnight.
  • This is the best remedy for healing the cracked and dry skin and it makes the rough skin smooth if applied every night.
  • Also it has some ingredients that fights germs and heals the abraded skin and makes it softer and appealing.
  • It can be use on burns and cuts.
  • And it actually repairs the mark too.
  • The name Boroline is derived from its ingredients, “Boro” from boric powder.
  • And it has antiseptic properties, and “olin” as a variant of the Latin word oleum, meaning oil.
  • The cream is combination of essential oils, waxes and its remarkable antiseptic properties are a result of boric powder and zinc oxide.

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