Active Wheel Detergent Powder - 800 gm (Clean & Rose)


Active Wheel Detergent Powder – 800 gm (Clean & Rose)


Description –

  • Active Wheel Lemon & Rose Powder is one of the strongest detergent powder to dirt free your clothes completely by removing the toughest stains from your favorite clothes.
  • Since, it has got the power of Lime and Jasmine it wheels out the dirt’s from your clothes efficiently, thus leaves an enjoyable smell on over them.
  • Wheel Active Detergent Powder is known for its great cleaning ability with minimum effort.
  • The new formulation of Wheel Washing Powder is enhanced with the fragrance of thousand flowers
  • It also contains the power of lemon to remove tough dirt from your cloth.
  • In addition to that after washing of all clothes you can fell the fragrance of the flowers. 

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